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Davin Infinity is a certified transformational life coach with the Integrative Arts Institute of Oakland, CA. His focus as a dynamic coach is in the areas of shamanic soul work and creative visualization life techniques. With over 13 years of training in the Integrative Arts, Davin approaches each individual with a full spectrum of transformational tools and support. His experience in over 20 healing art modalities is a perfect framework to develop your magnetic presence and unstoppable confidence to achieve any goal you envision in your life, starting from where you are at and ending at where you want to be. He strives to build a bridge of complete alignment between your mind, body, heart, and soul so that every decision you make moves you closer to your dreams and life’s calling. It’s time to awaken something deep inside yourself.

• Find harmony and balance in your life.
• Discover “your bliss” and how to follow it.
• Find greater fulfillment and satisfaction in your relationships.
• Restore lost functionality in your ability to experience and enjoy life..
• Become “unstuck” in areas where you feel paralyzed or bogged down.
• Achieve your full potential in career, relationships, or any other endeavor you engage in.
• Change your habits; ending undesired habits, or forming new ones.
• To align your passions & gifts with actions towards your true calling (life’s work)
• Identify and reintegrate various aspects of our soul which have been suppressed, hidden, rejected, denied, or   otherwise lost to us, restoring lost functionality to our life experience.
• Compassionately mediate conflict between aspects of the soul to promote growth, effectiveness, and satisfaction
• Engage in enriching self-discovery to find greater meaning in our lives..
• Improve self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love.

I offer free 20 minute phone consultations to allow us to discover if we are the right dynamics to work together.
415-672-8655 • Contact Davin Infinity

Beginning Session (Your choice of Shamanic Soul work – or – Transformational Life & Career Vision) & a free TransformationaL Life E-book Manual
2 hours • $100

I also offer sessions over the phone or over Skype. I work with International clients as well.

SIlver Package -$333
3 sessions, 2 life transforming e-books written and illustrated by Davin (with sets of tools & exercises)
Gold Package – $555
5 sessions, 2 e-books and a digital soul portrait embodying your highest self (also includes endless phone and email dialogue).

Our IA Institute’s founders have created a very unique program that contains ancient practices of working with restoring lost or fragmented aspects of our soul, combined with the modern techniques of life coaching and healing arts. By mediating the conflicts inside of yourself, I can then support you to find and create dialogue with the many  inner voices and aspects who together complete the complete you. This is a new advanced step in coaching that fills in the gaps that counseling and therapy leave out.  It is deep work because it allows us to examine the unconscious patterns and beliefs inside so you can work towards restoring functionality in your life. It is my belief that once someone has: 1.) Worked on their unconscious sabotaging patterns and beliefs, and, 2.) Healed the many fragmented aspects of their soul, then they are truly ready to take on the next level of personal and career transformation. This allows you to engage in an enriching self discovery towards greater meaning in your life.
The following coaching sessions will focus on your career and personal goals and how to integrate these newly discovered inner aspects and energy into your present life. I will leave you with several e-books and audio recordings that will allow you to build on this powerful momentum . You will also receive a very unique set of transformational tools that you can take home and keep working with. These are very unquestionable and intense times on our planet. We are feeling it in our own way. Deep down we all know that we somehow have a role to play in this global shift. You have been waiting patiently to fulfill your life purpose. It’s about time to say YES to everything you truly believe in. It’s time to awaken something deep inside yourself.


“Davin has an amazing abiliity to utilize his visionary art skills to guide me on a shamanic journey through my life path, giving me insights and awareness which I had not seen before!  I felt completely at ease and safe with him, to allow myself to drop in to a place of vulnerability to uncover and access parts of myself to assist in shifting my consciousness.  I highly recommend a session with him.”

- Jah Sun Martini, Bay Area, CA

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