- B.A. in Graphic Design & a B.F.A in Multimedia Art
- 12 years of world travel to important cultural and sacred sites
- Certificates & Initiations into many areas of Transformational & Healing Arts
- Founder of Language of Light design & video studios
- Accomplished author, speaker, performer and transformational workshop facilitator

As society becomes more conscious of its actions, it begins to shine light on the responsibility we all share in returning the balance to the planet. As an artist, designer, workshop facilitator, life coach, author and information architect, I engage in the role of delivering information through the sensory gateways that reach into the depths of the human spirit and our capacity to love. This transformation has the potential to inspire and unveil our infinite potential as awakened creative beings !

I encourage businesses, organizations, and teachers to bring the presence of intention along with the need for awareness of transforming our limited vision to a more dynamic collective evolution. Davin Infinity Design Studio has a large focus on working with clients who are serving the needs of humanity within healing, sustainable approaches, and progressive ideals. I look forward to getting the chance to work with your design and information needs and taking your business vision to the next level for public interplay.


Davin is also the creator of the AWAKENING FREEDOM FOUNDATION:

Igniting the Global Awakening of our Human Potential -
Your internet library for the most amazing human potential and thriving solutions education in the world.

The largest collection of free downloadable visionary e-books, videos and new earth creating models, diagrams and templates for human evolution on the internet! An amazing look at what is working on this planet and taking humanity into a renaissance.

ON THIS WEBSITE, you can view:
Unified Maps of Consciousness, New Earth Creation Templates, Models of Freedom, Sustainabilty & Healthy Living, Visionary Community and Enlightened Art.

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